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Love Is All U Need | Charming Diabetes Wallpaper

Um..better late than never?! I realize that April is halfway gone and I’m just now posting this wallpaper. Please forgive me for my delay. I have Diabetes, you know. Diabetes is a convenient scapegoat for all my shortcomings in life. Running late? I have diabetes. Oversleep? I have diabetes. Not ever running a marathon, ever. DIABETES.

Kidding obviously. A better diabetic than me could TOTALLY do all of those things. And I did manage to write a little article for the Tampa Bay Moms Blog that anyone with diabetes should read!

So without further ado here’s this month’s wallpaper. I kept it non-specific since we’re so late in the month, and last month’s was a little dark and moody. I decided to pump it up a notch on the color spectrum this month. I hope you love a brushy texture and an insulin reference as much as I do!

Grab it right here, or head over to the download page if you need more instruction.


Charming Diabetes | Love and Insulin Wallpaper


as usual, please remember that I own this image. I took this photo, and I created this graphic to be used as an iPhone wallpaper. It would be against US copyright law to copy it, pass it off as your own, try to sell it, or do anything with it other than use it on your own personal iPhone. Thanks!

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