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It’s Official!

Hey there, everyone! It’s official, this journey is underway.

I’ve had Diabetes for almost 20 years now (yikes) and for the longest time have really been searching for certain things online about Diabetes, and not finding them. I’ve wanted tips, honest advice, from a happy perspective–from a place of wanting to succeed at Diabetes and also wanting to be stylish, chic, and not too medical or serious. From a place of not being ashamed of Diabetes, but not having my life revolve around it either.

I was diagnosed on my 16th birthday, and having Diabetes as a teenager was not easy. I’ve been searching for a way to share what’s worked for me, and what hasn’t, so that someone out there like me, newly diagnosed and searching for answers, can find this and see a way to a full, happy life with Diabetes.

So this blog was born as a way to do all that. To add my voice to the Diabetes Blogosphere and in the process to challenge myself to take better care of myself and my disease, instead of pushing it into the background.

I’m also a mom now, which presents it’s own set of worries and challenges and fears and I’ll share more of that as I go.

So I hope you’ll join me as I share my successes and failures, while I try to charm the pants off my Diabetes with laughter, recipes, tips, tricks, desserts, distractions, letters, and more. I hope you’ll share your stories with me as well.

Comment here, or shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you, whether you have diabetes or love someone who does. Let me know what your biggest struggle is right now with Diabetes. I’m not a doctor, but I do believe that there is power in sharing our stories with each other!

You can also find me on Instagram @CharmingDiabetes and Pinterest @saratallent  and read more about me over on the About Page.

Please hang in there with me as I get all the kinks of the new site worked out, all the pages filled out, and all the new site jitters out of my system! It’s a work in progress but I hope to have it all under control soon! Stay tuned!



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