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The Beach with Diabetes and The ONE thing I can’t do without

Sometimes a girl just needs a vacation! And yet, sometimes when you have Diabetes planning and prepping for the vacation can be enough to need another vacation.

We decided to do a little stay-cation and check out St. Pete Beach last week. I should have been better about taking photos of the packing process for this! Next time, I promise. For now you’ll just have to take my word for it that I always overpack, and diabetes supplies are no exception.

My number one MUST HAVE for a beach trip: Ziploc Bags. The ziploc people do not pay me, so use whichever brand you like. Call it a Zipper Lock Bag if that helps. Whatever you do, make sure you have them for your beach trip!

The ziploc bags become sand + water free zones. The pump goes in the bag when I’m swimming or building sandcastles. If I have my phone, I’ll put that in the bag too. But I limit it to those 2 items because the more that goes in the bag the more sand will inevitably come with it.

The heat can affect insulin effectiveness, so I bring a thermal cooler bag along, too. Even without an ice pack in it, the thermal bag can stay in the shade and zipped up will keep the pump cool(er) when I’m not wearing it. If I lay out in the sun, I can even leave the pump connected and drop it in the cooler bag in the shade while I lounge, and the pump stays cool and dry. This has worked WAY better for me than what I used to do, which was the old wrap-it-in-a-towel-and-pray method. Pump issues on a beach trip with that method a few years ago made me step up my game!


I have this thermal thirty-one bag (in a different pattern). For the money, these bags are money!

thermal bag for the pump on beach days

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I try to keep the Ziploc bags as clean as possible inside and out. If it’s a particularly rowdy day, and you have a sand throwing toddler like me, I’ve even been known to THINK about rinsing them out in the hotel after a long beach day and letting them dry so they’re ready to go again the next day. But usually I just bring lots of extras, it really just depends on how you feel about trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle while dealing with Diabetes and sand and toddlers.

When I pack, a stack of baggies goes right in with my diabetic supplies and I’m ready. Sunscreen, check. Bathing Suit, check. Insulin and Infusion sets, check, check. ZIPLOC baggies?!! check, check, check, check, check. The pump stays clean, moisture-free, and keeps working. Take it from me, having to get a replacement pump on vacation is less than relaxing.

Here are a few other little snapshots from the trip! Follow me on instagram @CharmingDiabetes to see more!

SunbathersDelight_CharmingDiabetes SunriseRun

I try to get up early for a run on at least a few mornings while on vacation. It let’s me see sunrises like the ones above, and more importantly, it let’s me enjoy my hammock time and vacation dessert-eating without stressing as much over blood sugars.



surreal dessert counter at Mazzaros in St. Petersburg, FL

I love the beach! St. Pete was great for that alone, but let me tell you what, only one thing rivals my love for the beach and that’s…my love for dessert! Do yourself a favor and if you’re ever anywhere near St. Petersburg, FL stop into Mazzaros. You won’t regret it!!