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thank you diabetes moms

Dear, Sweet, Caretakers of Diabetics, Here’s What I Want You to Know

OH! Dear, sweet, caretakers of diabetics, How I long to thank each and every one of you. Individual hugs and thank you’s for every single one of you. Every perfect pair of eyes that watches us struggle and every heart that worries about us as we fight Diabetes. You are also heroes in this battle.

thank you diabetes moms

I can still remember being in high school and my mom coming in and making me sit up and talk to her. “Are you Alive?” she’d ask me, trying to act like she was kidding, and make me check my blood sugar. I would grumble and complain and call her crazy.

But now I’m a mom. And I cannot imagine how horrible it must be to see your child suffer with this disease. Or any other loved one, for that matter. It must be so stressful to not be behind the wheel, to have even less control than we diabetics do over Diabetes and how it can affect a person.

It must be so hard to watch us as we eat doughnuts. Or to watch as we long to eat doughnuts but decide we shouldn’t. Watch us as we beat ourselves up; or worse to watch us try to be “normal” by ignoring our disease.

To worry along with us about all the side effects that come along with this disease. To spend your days wishing you could take the burden from us. To live in constant fear that we just won’t wake up one morning.

I’ll admit, as a person who has diabetes, these fears can be daunting, but now as a mother I know they’d be magnified by a million if it were one of my children instead of me.

If you take care of someone with Diabetes in any capacity, bless you. And if you have Diabetes, go hug your mama.

Let me know who you’re thankful for in the comments below!!

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what the...

The Day I Found The WRONG Endocrinologist For Me (and How to find the best endocrinologist for you )

I recently moved to a new city and learned that WOAH! all Endocrinologists are NOT created equal. I quickly made an appointment at the first office with a decent website (good reviews, health grades,etc) that I found online. It was that experience that led me to write this post because BOY was that a bad idea.

The office was VERY different than what i had seen online (the internet? misleading? who knew?), and you know you’re in trouble when you find stacks of these in the waiting room:

how you know you're in the wrong doctor's office | charming

I mean really?

Let me be clear that this is not a language issue. I’m fluent in español (en serio). Hablo español. Me encanta leer revistas en español, pero por Dios! No necesito ver a todo el mundo desnudo en la oficina!

For heaven’s sake! I don’t need to see the whole world naked in the Endo’s office! Does anyone? What if I’d brought my toddlers with me to this appointment? Call me a prude, but I’d prefer the content to be a little more neutral or perhaps of a medical nature. Bland diabetic magazines are fine thank you very mucho. It sends a signal.

Sometimes when you have diabetes it feels like you’re an island. Floating alone, watching people around you eat their cake and drink their lemonade, blissfully unaware of how many carbs they’re consuming! It can be a lonely disease, but every Diabetic should have at LEAST one person in their corner, dedicated to helping them. Enter the ENDOCRINOLOGIST.

The first step in getting the very best endocrinologist for you is remembering that doctors are people too. They are each going to have their own ideas, policies, personalities and those may or may not be well suited to yours. If you feel like you’re struggling with Diabetes, you should be able to call you Endocrinologist’s office and they should be able to provide you with education and resources to help you not only cope, deal, manage, but THRIVE with diabetes.

It’s a little like an interview. You’re looking to build a long term relationship, based on MUTUAL trust. You should be able to trust what the Dr. has to say, knowing he/she has your best interest at heart, and your doctor should also trust you to know your body and to do your part in taking care of yourself as best you can. It has to go both ways.

Here are some tips on how you can hone in on the traits you’ll want your doc to possess. So you’ll know when you’re in the right office!

1. KNOW YOUR NEEDS–do you use an insulin pump? If so, you need to ask your doctor if they are familiar with it, and can download it in the office. Do you want an insulin pump? Ask your doctor how he/she feels about them. I’ve heard of doctors “holding out” on patients and not “letting” them get a pump. Are you training for a physical event like a triathlon or a marathon? Your doctor should be able to give you tips on managing insulin and nutrition, and/or set you up with a nutritionist. Make sure you have a doctor that’s willing to work with you and your goals. Aside from the trashy magazines, the doctor’s office I visited was not capable of downloading info from my pump. That’s a big deal, because that’s where most of my data lives ( I don’t always keep perfect written records). So, two strikes.

2. LOCATION–start your search with the hospitals closest to you. Going to the endocrinologist is not exactly my idea of a dream day, and I’m much more likely to make the trek if at the very least the office is convenient and easy for me to get to. I realize this isn’t always possible, but it’s at least a starting point.

3. CLEANLINESS–the office should be clean, and every patient room in the doctor’s office should have a sink. It’s basic hygiene and germ control. Even better if they actually USE it and wash their hands when they enter/leave the room. The Trashy Magazine Office didn’t even have sinks in the patient rooms. Here’s my problem with that: Let’s say the patient before me has neuropathy in their feet and the doctor checks them out–or a toenail fungus–or the flu?!! See where I’m going here? The doc is quite likely to cart those germs right out of that room, all over the office, and then maybe right to me if he doesn’t wash his hands, which he can’t easily do without a sink in the office. Strike three for that office, if you’re keeping track.

4. FOOT CARE–Does your doctor check or ask about your feet at each appointment? Because he should. A great endocrinologist will be asking you about your foot care routine and doing a basic check for signs of neuropathy and circulatory problems. I’ve been to one Endo that wouldn’t touch feet–every foot question I had she pointed me to the list of podiatrists that her office supplied. There are so many reasons this doesn’t work for me, one of which is HEY MY TIME IS VALUABLE AND MY FUNDS AREN’T UNLIMITED! I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO SPEND MORE TIME/MONEY IN YET ANOTHER DOC’S OFFICE WHEN YOU COULD JUST LOOK AT THIS FOR ME (errr, but only if you have sinks in your office so you can wash your hands!!?!)!! And that’s how I feel about that.

5. LANGUAGE — Beyond just inglés or espanol (that’s important too), the language your endocrinologist uses with you, the way he/she speaks to you is important. As is their demeanor. Are they treating you like the expert you are? I don’t care what your numbers say, you live with this disease every day–you’re an expert. You may not be a medical doctor, so you need to work with the doctor to come up with the best course of action, but a great endocrinologist will take a real interest in what you have to say. Their language should never point to YOU being a bad person or bad at diabetes. This is a tough disease. The last thing I need is someone saying “Your Terrible” ( that actually happened in one dr’s office) because I’m not writing down my blood sugars in the format they prefer, or whatever the case may be. I’m looking for someone who’s going to be in my corner, and tell me the hard truths if I need to hear them, but not place a judgement on me.

How do you think I found Trashy Magazine Office? You guessed it, Google. There were all kinds of pics, great reviews, health grades, etc. But that was not the office for me. To his credit the doctor did seem to be really knowledgeable and well versed in pump therapy..but that’s not all that counts. His office has to meet my needs too.

But HOW do you find an endocrinologist that fits the bill? Especially if you’re in a new city and have no idea where to start? Well let me tell ya, a google search is prob not the best option in this scenario.

The first thing I’d do is CALL your Insurance. I know that prospect is about as enjoyable as sticking a fork in your eye, but they can give you some names of people in your network, and once you have a starting point you can call each office and straight up ASK about how things work at their office (“Can you download my insulin pump?” “Do you do blood work in the office or do I have to go to an outside lab?” etc).

As you get other doctors, internists, pediatricians, opthamaologist, etc, any and all specialties that you need in your life, ask those doctors if they have names of people they recommend.

And lastly, call the Minimed pump representative in your area. Even if you don’t wear a pump, if you can get in contact with these guys they usually have a short list of good doctors offices in the area. Again, a starting point and you can go from there.

Don’t settle for less than stellar treatment. This is a HUGE part of you life! If you find yourself in an office or with a doctor that just isn’t meeting your needs, remember you have options!

Good luck!!



jimmy carter quote | diabetes inspiration

Diabetes Inspo

Here’s what I tell myself on those difficult days…

jimmy carter quote | diabetes inspiration

Those days where I wake up with a blood sugar of 175 for some unknown reason? (can i blame this on a cortisol spike? maybe?!)

what the...

what the…

(that time’s not right, I need a battery, is it obvious that sometimes I practice avoidance behavior with this disease?!)

Those days when I just don’t feel like checking my blood sugar, I just feel like eating without a million calculations.

i don't need a croissant. i don't need a croissant. i don't need a croissant.

i don’t need a croissant. i don’t need a croissant. i don’t need a croissant.

Those days, when Diabetes just is not bringing out the best in me. 

diabetes not bringing out the best in me |

not my best. i blame diabetes

but…I can do it. I can do it.

Get more encouragement and some easy tips for getting down with Diabetes here !!

Happy blood sugars! xo




llama at blackberry farm | charming diabetes

How Blackberry Farm Changed Me Forever

I kind of have an obsession with this magical place:

Blackberry Farm

It’s amazing for lots of reasons, but here are my top 3:

100 year gardens. And a llama. And meals that will transport you to a land far, far away from GMOs or processed foods.

llama at blackberry farm | charming diabetesOne little trip to this HEAVEN completely changed the way I look at food.  See what I’m talking about here, and here.

And then go put Blackberry Farm on your bucket list. I promise you won’t regret it.




Daring to Eat Organic |

Daring to eat Organic-ish with Diabetes and Toddlers

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen some of the adventure that is me going organic. It’s not easy, especially with 2 toddlers, and our pantry isn’t completely organi-fied (making up words) yet. I’m a little too practical to just throw everything out, so we still have some non-organic peanut butter left over, and oil and some random crackers around that we’ll use before we’re fully converted. So at the moment, we’re Organic-ish. 🙂

Daring to Eat Organic |

But WHY am I doing this?! Ugh. The short answer is : It’s been coming for a long time.

My mother suffered two completely unrelated cancers, the second of which(stomach cancer) took her life. I’m diabetic and I believe that food is powerful. The only part of diabetes that I can really control is the food I put in my body. And of course, I’ve watched a documentary or two in my day. I just had to make my health (and my kids’ health) a top priority. And after lots of research, I decided that the GMOs just aren’t for me. I want them out. I don’t want Monsanto to own me or run the world. Despite what they say I do believe it’s possible to feed the world with organic farming. It is time for me to vote with my dollars.

Overall, making a meal totally organic is not too difficult as long as I’ve done some meal planning, but it is complicated by the fact that I am not trying to be vegan, or vegetarian, or gluten free. I don’t mind eating that way every once in a while, but I love carbs. I love snacks. I love veggies too, but I can’t have all my meals be all veggie all the time. I need the bread and meat balance. I love to cook, and organic veggies are easy enough to find, it’s all the other things that can prove difficult. Organic meats are expensive and harder to find, and bread or grain based products are also tougher to find with organic whole wheat, etc. For the most part, packaged goods have had to go because if they are organic, they’re crazy expensive.  If I’m having a biscuit craving, I’m better off just making it myself. But I also have 2 little girls.  They  just don’t go for veggie or fruit all the time.

So it’s a bumpy road for now. For the most part, the girls snacks are where I struggle the most. Having to exert more effort on snack planning, as opposed to just grabbing a bag of goldfish or cereal for them when we’ll be out running errands is still tough. And to buy organic versions of those things is not cost effective. And I have one still in diapers, so let’s face it, we can’t eat raisins all the time!

But every time I’m tempted to think “this is impossible” and throw in the towel, I remember my trip to Blackberry Farm. The first place I recognized organic eating as exciting, inspiring, and bountiful—and not a complete hassle. Eating organic can be comforting, and beautiful and fun! Even for kids. Below are a few images of the trip that changed my way of thinking. Below I’ll list some other links that have helped me in this journey.

IMG_6092_BlackberryFarm IMG_6260a IMG_6092w


IMG_6273a IMG_6274w IMG_6302a

IMG_6333w IMG_6324w IMG_6306w IMG_6369w IMG_6377w


So gorgeous! Those heirloom tomatoes came from 100 year old seeds. The thing is, I didn’t even think I liked tomatoes, until I ate that one.

But then reality sets in and the sad fact is, I don’t live on Blackberry Farm..very sad fact indeed. So I have to do some leg work to get the organic goods.

It’s hard to pass up 2 regular grocery stores on my way to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Keep in mind I do this with two toddlers in the car, so it’s like “cry myself to sleep” hard. It’s even harder to use up precious time out of my week to go to more than one store to get what we need. I’m not gonna buy paper products or bottled water at the organic stores–doesn’t make sense. We get things like diapers delivered, which helps, but I still feel like I spend half my week either in the store, or driving to/home from it! Not exactly the organic dream.

As tough as it can be, the payoff is worth it. The food is better, we feel better, and my blood sugars way way down. Always a plus.

Here are a couple of things that helped me out:

1. Blackberry Farm : I can’t say enough about the magic of this place. Go if you can. If you can’t, read about their 100 year garden and get inspired by their website.

2. 100 days of Real food : great resource for real food recipes, especially ideas to keep kids happy. Not everything here is organic, but it’s easy enough to get a recipe or meal plan or snack idea and make it organic.

3. Wildly Affordable Organic : a great cookbook and meal planning resource. One of the biggest obstacles to eating organic can be the cost. This book gives super easy to execute recipes and meal plans on a food stamp budget.

Especially if you’re struggling with blood sugars, I strongly encourage you to make a move towards organic eating. And definitely cut out all the artificial sweeteners if you haven’t already. No diet drinks, sodas, sports drinks–get it out of your system. I was SHOCKED at how my blood sugars dropped just by doing that one thing. But more on that later.

And if you’re looking for more pics from Blackberry Farm (a.k.a. Heaven On Earth), just head over to my photography site! I promise you will fall in love with this place. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll run home to plant a garden and eat organic forever and ever.

If you’re not as emotional as me, and prefer more scientific evidence, here is some of that as well.





January iPhone download | dream do repeat

Non-Resolutions for the New Year

Hope you all had a great holiday! So it’s January, which means everyone and their brother is asking me if I have any New Year’s Resolutions. And….I don’t. Sorry.

It just seems like I’m setting myself up for failure by february every year I set those. So a few years ago I decided to stop partaking in the “Resolution” game, and began to just think about what my goals and dreams were for the coming year. And then from there, how I could really make those things happen. And the first year I did it, I was surprised what an impact a few simple changes made. I’ve done it every year since. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t, but I feel like I’m making progress because I’ve been intentional about keeping myself on track.

So here’s how I do it:

I take some time to write down my goals and dreams for the year–big, small, everything. This is the most important part for me–writing things down somehow makes it feel more official. Then I look at the list and make it QUANTIFIABLE. Give your goal a number: instead of  “eat healthier” I’d set a specific goal “eat 3 vegetarian dinners a week”. The more specific, the better.  After that, I spend some time brainstorming the best ways to make those dreams happen, and I write those things down too.  And then–this is the big one–I mark time on my calendar to review those goals and my progress.

Shazam! I feel resolute already! I believe in this process. Making your goals quantifiable and writing them down is a great way to start off the year, and taking time to evaluate your progress is important too.  Just in case you’re curious, here are a few of my non-resolutions 🙂

~write down blood sugars 3x day ( Can you tell I like to write things down? I check more often than this, but writing them down really helps me and I skip this step more often than not.) 

~Inspiration Photo Walks at least once a month (Just FYI these are little weekend jaunts where I walk around town with my camera, or sometimes just my cell phone, and snap all the photos I want. The photographer and creative in me needs this time and as a mom, sometimes I overlook how important “me” time is. )

~ Desk Clean by feb.1st ( if you could see my desk, you’d know how important this is. It is embarrassingly awful and I subconsciously always move this task to the bottom of my to-do list. Now, I have a date and can hold myself accountable…yikes) 

These are just a few, but I thought I’d share my process in the hopes that anyone else with the New Year’s Resolution Blues can have hope that even if you don’t have any “resolutions” you can still get plenty done in 2015.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Henry David Thoreau

And Oh By The Way…Here’s the January Download for ya! Grab it below or over on the download page


January iPhone download | dream do repeat


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diabetic stocking stuffers that won't kill your pancreas_charming

Stocking Stuffers for the Diabetic in Your Life

I don’t know about you guys, but I spend soooo much of time during the holidays counting carbs and trying to justify indulging in just one more dessert. Food is love, and our family loves to cook (and by that I mean I love to cook) and I love dessert. But by the time Christmas rolls around I’m often feeling slightly guilty (and/or high) over some of my choices.

Stocking stuffers are are real problem for me, because my own go to stocking stuffer is…candy. Chocolate. Nothing says “christmas time” like some delicious chocolate, foil-wrapped treat. But those add up, so this year in an attempt to save myself some blood sugar grief, I’ve made a quick reference guide for anyone wanting to get a last minute gift that won’t offend the pancreas.

stocking stuffers for diabetics that won't offend the pancreas | charming

1. Egyptian magic–a miracle cure for dry diabetic feet, and also just the greatest ever all around moisturizer. love.

2. More Sugar coffee mug, by Ashley Brooke Designs. I may be drinking my coffee black to save carbs, but I cannot resist a super cute sugar reference.

3. Burt’s Bees Sugar scrub— because you can find it at Target and drugstores, so it’s the perfect last minute sugar rush for those of us who shouldn’t actually be eating it.

4. Sugar lip gloss , by Fresh Beauty.  I heart these. Again, I love a sugar reference. My pancreas may not process it, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to coat myself in it.

5. iPhone cover (Diabetes Sucks) from CafePress. I mean, any technology friendly gift is always welcome in the stocking, but this feisty number shows that you feel my pain. A sure way to win favor with your diabetic loved one.

6. RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream — the best stuff ever. great for moisturizing and general happiness. I believe in the power of coconut. I love it so much I try to work it into all the online shopping guides I’ve ever made. #Loyal.

7. Klein Tools Canvas Pouch — this seems random, I know. But I love bags–total bag lady–and I’d argue that most diabetics have to be. There are so many blood sugar test strips, glucose meters, glucose tablets, syringes, log books, etc to keep up with I’m always looking for a cute new pouch to load everything up in and throw in my purse, or use for travel. This one I love because it’s out of the box and different. It’s inexpensive, and since it’s made for tools it’s sure to be durable enough for all the sharps I have floating around. If you’re not into this specific one, I highly recommend checking out other brands/styles because every diabetic needs a good carrying case!

8. Simply Balanced Fruit Strips –I get mine at Target, but apparently you can get a sweet deal on these with amazon prime. I adore these, not only because they’re tasty, but they are so so handy to carry around for low blood sugar. This isn’t just superfluous candy, this is a legit way to raise blood sugar, sure to satisfy the glucose-tablet-hating-diabetic in your life (aka All Diabetics Ever) Plus BONUS! they’re so slim they take up virtually no room in bags/purses/pockets. Should you want to fill the pouch above with diabetic friendly doo-dads, this is a great place to start.

9. Lancets! This might require intimate knowledge of the recipient, as many of us use different lancets or prefer a specific kind–but work it into conversation, or steal one from the bottom of their purse or the floor of the car (where these things always end up), and get a diabetic something they have to have, but absolutely hate to buy. Do you know how lame it is to go to Walgreens and spend your budget on torturous medical supplies?! It’s not fun. Help them get a head start on the stockpile that every diabetic secretly longs for in order to avoid yet another trip to the drugstore (or..sorry..maybe that’s just me).

Hope that helps!

Happy Last Minute Shopping To All….



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December iPhone 5 wallpaper download from Charming | Fa La La La La

December Download!

Happy December, guys. This whole season is flying by pretty quickly–I still feel like I’m recovering from Thanksgiving, but Christmas is right around the corner! No matter how much I try to plan, it always sneaks up on me.

So just in case your a little behind getting in the spirit like me, here’s your free December iPhone wallpaper, designed to get you in a holiday mood!

December iPhone 5 wallpaper download from Charming | Fa La La La La

As always, this download is optimized for iPhone 5. Grab it above, or check out the download page if you need some technical assistance.



PS… I own this image. I took this photo, and I created this graphic to be used as an iPhone wallpaper. It would be against US copyright law to copy it, pass it off as your own, try to sell it, or do anything with it other than use it on your own personal iPhone. Thanks!

Charming Diabetes

Diabetes Birthday (and 4 warning signs you probably shouldn’t ignore)

Ok, so everyone with Diabetes has one: a Diabetes Birthday. That fateful day when they were diagnosed. If you’ve got Type 1 and were diagnosed as a young child, you may not remember it.  If you’re old enough to remember it, it is definitely one of those Before-and-After Moments– A cataclysmic event in your life where there is before that moment, and after, and nothing on the after side is ever the same. I know, I know, a little melodramatic–but it kind of is that way. So since I’ve got a whole Diabetes Blog thing happening here, I thought I’d paint you a picture of my Diabetes Birthday…it’s always easy for me to remember since I was diagnosed on my 16th birthday. Seriously.

4 diabetes warning signs you shouldn't ignore |


Throw back to 1995 (yeah, can you smell the grunge movement and doc martens?). I was about to turn 16 and get my driver’s license but was a little concerned because my vision had been sooo bad lately (Blurry Vision, sign #1). But that didn’t matter. I was turning 16! And my pants seemed to be fitting more loosely. Was I losing weight? That’s awesome! (yeah, not when it’s related to diabetes. Sudden weight loss, sign #2). I was carting around drinks all the time because I was noticeably more thirsty (excessive thirst, sign #3). I was even waking up at night bc I was thirsty. Hmm, that’s strange. And then again because I had to pee (frequent urination, sign #4). My mom suspected something was wrong, but I knew she was just being overly cautious (complete denial, sign #5?) and nothing mattered anyway because did I mention–I was about to get my driver’s license!! FREEDOM!! (in my William Wallace voice).



My 16th birthday was a busy day. Got to school late because I went to get my driver’s license. Omg! Omg! I passed with flying colors, blurry vision and all (miracle!). I can even remember the outfit I was wearing that day. It involved double denim and crushed velvet, and that’s all I will say (It was the 90’s, people).

I had a cake from Becker’s Bakery (if you’ve had one you know what a mouth watering prospect that is) waiting for me at home that I was pumped up about, but first I had a doctor’s appointment. I drove myself. Just a normal yearly well-check until they checked the pee cup and then BAM!

“you have diabetes”.

I’m sorry, what?

“Type 1 Diabetes”.

The words rang in my ears. I literally can’t remember many of the details after that. That’s what happens with those Before-and-After Moments; so many of those very first “after” details are fuzzy.

Just like that I was scheduled for outpatient training at the hospital the next day with a pediatric endocrinologist named Dr. Najaar, very kind woman and yet my mom never got her name right and always called her Dr. Jafar. As in, the villain from Disney’s Aladdin.


Again, it was the 90’s, Aladdin was big. It is not lost on me that the first medical professional to treat my diabetes was (subconsciously?) vilified by my mom. Gotta love it.


I vaguely remember a long drive down familiar streets. Not understanding. Wanting to cry.

And then home, to my birthday cake.

With my mom and a couple of close family friends who were there looking at me, and then at the cake, and then back at me, I just took a fork and dug in. I ate like 1/2 the cake by myself. I was not going to let anyone take this long standing tradition of birthday joy from me…

And then, yes, I was miserable. My blood sugar had presumably been high for a while (hence the blurry vision, weight loss, etc) so I must have been used to feeling kind of “meh”, but I do remember feeling particularly yucky after all the cake. But I was so afraid! So afraid that tomorrow they’d tell me I couldn’t ever have that again. I had to get my fill.

My relationship with Diabetes has kind of been like that ever since. A little bit fearful of the unknown consequences to come, and many, many episodes of loved ones looking at me, then the dessert in front of me, and then back at me as I dig in, defiantly.

There are so many other memories from that day that I’ll leave in the vault for now. I did gain some freedom with my license , but I also got dealt a big fat lifetime ball and chain with a diabetes diagnosis.  Isn’t it Ironic? There’s a bold-faced Alanis Morrisette reference just to make sure you remember the 90’s setting of this little tale. It’s stuck in your head now, isn’t it? It’s like raaaaiiin on your wedding day.  Sorry 🙂

Fear, Defiance, Loneliness, Misunderstanding, Feeling Judged, Feeling Guilty. It can be a monster, Diabetes. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog: to share what was working (and not working) for me as I try to live the life I want while dealing with all that this disease can hurl at you. But just as with any fear, facing it head on is often the best course of action. As I educate myself, and take control of my blood sugar, take responsibility for my food choices, and lay down my guilt, I find myself feeling less fearful, and more empowered.

And I’ve had my cake every birthday since.

you can have your insulin and your cupcakes too |

you can have your insulin and your cupcakes too

That’s how I was diagnosed. 1995 on my 16th birthday with a very 90’s soundtrack playing in the background. That means I’ve now had more “after diabetes” birthdays than “before diabetes” birthdays. And for that, I am grateful.

What about you? When is your Diabetes Birthday? Let me know in the comments. Or if you’d like to Share Your Story with me & the Charming Diabetes community you can do that here

If you’re looking for more facts and info on Type 1 diabetes and it’s signs and symptoms the American Diabetes Association is a great place to start. If you’re experiencing any of those warning signs and think you might be at risk, talk to your doctor or a medical professional.

Here’s hoping they find a cure, and until then, may there alway be enough insulin on board to cover your birthday cake.



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Charming Diabetes October iPhone Download

Free Wallpaper | Charming Diabetes October Download

Here it is!

October’s FREE wallpaper download. I love Frida Khalo, and for some reason all the Day of the Dead and Halloween decorations that come out in October always put me in a Frida mood. This download is inspired by her quote:

“Pies, para que los quiero si tengo alas para volar”

“Feet, what do I need you for if I have wings to fly”

I love that quote. Frida’s life was full of both physical and emotional pain, and that quote is like a beacon of light for me on tough days. Because let’s face it, we are made for more than dwelling on our struggles. So this month’s download is a Diabetic take on Frida’s words that I hold near and dear to my heart.

It’s a big file, so for best results download it onto your computer and then email to yourself, open that email on your phone and save the image–from there you can set it as wallpaper from your camera roll or your settings.

Charming Diabetes October iPhone Download


Man, I love Frida. And what do I really need that pancreas for, anyway? I’m making it just fine…




Aquí lo tienes en español! Soy un poquito obsesionada con Frida Khalo, especialmente en octubre con todo los decoraciones del Dia de Los Muertos.

Esta descarga gratis fue inspirada por sus palabras

“Pies, para que los quiero si tengo alas para volar”

La vida de Frida estaba tan llena de dolor físico y emocional, que la cita es como un rayo de luz para mi en los dias difíciles.

El archivo es bastante grande, así que para obtener los mejores resultados descarga primero en una computadora!

Alas para volar _descarga gratis


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PS… I own this image. I took this photo, and I created this graphic to be used as an iPhone wallpaper. It would be against US copyright law to copy it, pass it off as your own, try to sell it, or do anything with it other than use it on your own personal iPhone. Thanks!

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