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TestCountShoot | diabetes downloads

So It Goes | Diabetes Routine

I realize I’m a leeeetle bit behind over here on the blog! I promise I have a lot more in store, but until I can get to all that, here’s the latest freebie to tide you over!

It’s summer, which means my routine changes a bit with kids at home all. the. time. I love it, but honestly it’s tough to keep up with Diabetes maintenance when you’re running around after little ones. I really need a CGM. But since I don’t have one, I’m stuck in my old test, test again, and keep testing routine, hoping for the best.  It can wear a girl out — and don’t even get me started on my fingertips. Is there a miraculous skin restoring lotion out there I don’t know about? A girl can dream.

The best I can do during summer is keep my pump site dry, and check my blood sugars before meals. Post meal check? As if. Did I mention I need a CGM?

So here’s a little iPhone wallpaper for those of you who are in that Test-Count carbs-Take insulin-Pray You Were Right-Test Again-Count Again-Ugh Diabetes is Wearing Me Out! Cycle with me. Hamster wheel, anyone?

But there’s no reason I can’t embrace the cycle, and pretty it up a bit, right?! And because I have a color obsession, I’ve made two different versions. Let me know which one you’re loving most in the comments below!

Here’s your download–right click and save away. If you need more help, or want to see the other downloads, head over to the Download Page!

Charming Diabetes Free Wallpaper

Test Count Shoot Repeat | Diabetes Downloads

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Happy summer everyone!





Hello March |

Moody Florals | Free March Wallpaper Charming Diabetes

It’s March! New month = New iPhone wallpaper coming your way!

I know that many of you have been buried in winter weather–so this month’s download is designed to get you thinking spring–but not too springy, just in case you’re still buried in snow days and cold weather. What fits that bill better than Moody Florals?!?!

Here you go! Grab it below, or if you need more instructions head over to the download page.

Hello March |




Heartbreaker wallpaper //

February Download | Free iPhone Wallpaper

Woah! It’s Feb already?!!

I’ve been really focused on healthier, organic eating in the new year. I still am, but this wallpaper has nothing to do with that. I’ve been so inspired by the graffiti in my last photo session, and since V-day is right around the corner, I thought I’d use it in this month’s download.

if you’re not as graffiti-crazed as I am, not to worry, there’s a more subtle version for you too.

Heartbreaker wallpaper // Heartbreaker // Heartbreaker // Free wallpaper download  CharmingDiabetes.comAs always you can grab them here, or if you need more instruction head over to the download page.

Enjoy! xo


free wallpaper download


Happy November, everyone! This is a big month for me—there’s Thanksgiving, plus I’m a Scorpio so my b-day is this month, my husband’s birthday is this month (he’s not lucky enough to be a Scorpio though, he’s on the Sagittarius end of the month), this is the month I was diagnosed with Diabetes all those years ago, AND this is national Diabetes Awareness month. So much going on!!

Out of all of those, the biggest thing for me is probably Thanksgiving. I love to cook, I love the traditional thanksgiving meal, visiting family and getting ready for Christmas. It’s just a fun Holiday. And despite the fact that I have diabetes, I still usually manage to eat everything I want on Thanksgiving. More on that soon (Thanksgiving Menu planning is underway!), but I just wanted to take a sec and give you the november iPhone Download. Grab it here (below), or if you need a little technical help, see the download page with instructions.

free November iPhone wallpaper download. Give Thanks. |

I know with all the food, the family gatherings, and diabetes awareness month, people may be talking more about it.  And you’re bound to run into people asking you what you can eat (eye roll, eye roll, sigh). Diabetes can feel like more of a burden this month with all the talk of food, and pie, and extra-carb-counting. But I try to remind myself that I’m the one in control here. This is my disease, I can decide what to eat and what to skip (no matter what anyone else says about it), and at the end of the day there are so many other diseases out there that people DON’T have that kind of control over.

I know there are ups and downs, but in an effort to stay positive I’d ask you to remember to be grateful for the little things. Whether it’s for your insulin pump, or for the small amount of carbs in turkey, or for the pie that you’re willing to get high blood sugar for.

Whatever it is, look for the good (even in Diabetes) and you’ll find it.

That’s what this download is all about. Enjoy!!



PS… I own this image. I took this photo, and I created this graphic to be used as an iPhone wallpaper. It would be against US copyright law to copy it, pass it off as your own, try to sell it, or do anything with it other than use it on your own personal iPhone. Thanks!

Charming Diabetes October iPhone Download

Free Wallpaper | Charming Diabetes October Download

Here it is!

October’s FREE wallpaper download. I love Frida Khalo, and for some reason all the Day of the Dead and Halloween decorations that come out in October always put me in a Frida mood. This download is inspired by her quote:

“Pies, para que los quiero si tengo alas para volar”

“Feet, what do I need you for if I have wings to fly”

I love that quote. Frida’s life was full of both physical and emotional pain, and that quote is like a beacon of light for me on tough days. Because let’s face it, we are made for more than dwelling on our struggles. So this month’s download is a Diabetic take on Frida’s words that I hold near and dear to my heart.

It’s a big file, so for best results download it onto your computer and then email to yourself, open that email on your phone and save the image–from there you can set it as wallpaper from your camera roll or your settings.

Charming Diabetes October iPhone Download


Man, I love Frida. And what do I really need that pancreas for, anyway? I’m making it just fine…




Aquí lo tienes en español! Soy un poquito obsesionada con Frida Khalo, especialmente en octubre con todo los decoraciones del Dia de Los Muertos.

Esta descarga gratis fue inspirada por sus palabras

“Pies, para que los quiero si tengo alas para volar”

La vida de Frida estaba tan llena de dolor físico y emocional, que la cita es como un rayo de luz para mi en los dias difíciles.

El archivo es bastante grande, así que para obtener los mejores resultados descarga primero en una computadora!

Alas para volar _descarga gratis


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PS… I own this image. I took this photo, and I created this graphic to be used as an iPhone wallpaper. It would be against US copyright law to copy it, pass it off as your own, try to sell it, or do anything with it other than use it on your own personal iPhone. Thanks!