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Hi there, I’m Sara Tallent. A mom, photographer, and dessert lover who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on her 16th birthday (really).

After many many years of trying to ignore my disease, minimizing it’s seriousness, and just hoping the consequences didn’t catch up with me (you mean finger crossing isn’t an acceptable treatment plan?!), I decided to change my perspective.

I realized that hating diabetes, ignoring diabetes, cursing diabetes wouldn’t hurt diabetes–it would only hurt me.

That realization was a game changer for me. There are approximately 3 million americans with Diabetes  and upon starting this blog I knew of ONE other person with Type 1 diabetes in my extended circle of friends. ONE. This disease can be lonely. I decided to blog not only in hopes of connecting with others battling this disease every single day, but also to share what I’ve learned along the way. To share my own struggles and successes in hopes that it will help someone who, like me, refuses to relinquish her hard earned birthday cake.


The blog title “Charming Diabetes” is a reflection of a new attitude I’ve been trying to take as I work daily to get a better handle on this disease. Ignoring diabetes,  thinking I know better than diabetes, being angry at diabetes, pitty parties about diabetes, and the like haven’t really worked for me, so I decided to take a new approach: I’d charm the pants of Diabetes. I’d treat it more like a constant companion than a burden I resented and I’d see where a more positive outlook could take me. The response has been overwhelming from others struggling to do the same, and laugh a little at this disease that can take so much more than it gives.

 EN ESPAÑOL (¿Por Qué No?)

Hola, soy Sara Tallent. Soy mamá, fotógrafa y amante de los postres. Supe que tenía diabetes (tipo 1) el mismo día que cumplí 16 años (en serio).

Después de muchos, muchos años de tratar de ignorar esta enfermedad, me decidí a cambiar mi perspectiva.

Me di cuenta de que odiando la diabetes, ignorando la diabetes, maldiciendo la diabetes no le harían daño diabetes – que sólo me haría daño A MI.

Esa realización cambió todo. Decidí cambiar mis sentimientos sobre la Diabetes, y mis acciones también. Y después, decidí compartir todo eso con otras personas diabéticas. Y de pronto me dí cuenta de que no conocía a nadie, menos una persona, con Diabetes. Una sola persona. Esta enfermedad puede ser solitaria. Decidí hacer un blog no sólo con la esperanza de conectar con los demás luchando contra esta enfermedad todos los días, sino también para compartir lo que he aprendido en el camino. Para compartir mis propios fracasos y éxitos con la esperanza de que va a ayudar a alguien que, como yo, se niega a renunciar a su pastel de cumpleaños.

No hablo español perfectamente, no escribo español perfectamente, pero voy a compartir lo que puedo aquí en ingles y en español..Ojalá que os gustéis, y que encontréis algo que os hacéis sonreír.


PumpPhotoSaraSara Tallent has been a Type 1 diabetic for over 15 years. She speaks two languages and despite living with a disease that requires constant calculating, she’s still terrible at math. She is a mom of two wildy sweet little girls, wife to Chris  (who, fortunately, is much better at math than she is),  and a style-loving HS senior photographer in Tampa, FL. You can find her juggling a major sweet tooth, motherhood, her camera, and an insulin pump at charmingdiabetes.com and saratallent.com